Setting up your Designer Platform

The first time you access the WebStarts Designer Platform you'll encounter a few steps to help you get started. In the first step you'll be asked to enter a business name and phone number. Your business name can be anything you want to call your designer platform account. Your phone number should be the phone number you'd like your clients to use if they have to call you. You will have the option to display your phone number on your client login page.

After you've entered your business name and phone number you'll have the opportunity to upload a logo. Your logo will appear on the page where your clients login to access their websites.

Next you'll choose a domain name for your designer account. This is typically the name of your web design firm. If you already have a domain name you've been using - you can use it with your designer platform account. Simply choose the option labeled "I already own a domain name and would like to use it" and then point our name servers to and with your existing registrar. If you're choosing a new domain name for your designer account choose the option labeled "I want a brand new domain name for my website" and then click the "Check Availability" button. If the domain name is available you will be asked to confirm your registration information. Your domain name will be registered and working in a few minutes.

Now that you have a domain name for your designer platform it's time to setup the link where your clients will go if you wish to give them access to manage and edit their website. By default we'll setup the subdomain name (Note: would be your domain name). If you wish to change this you can enter the desired subdomain and click "Update". Setting up a new subdomain can take up to 15 minutes.

Your designer platform is setup and you're now able to begin setup client websites.