What is the Designer Platform?

The WebStarts Designer Platform was created to help every day people become web designers. To become a WebStarts Designer you don't need to have any previous experience writing code or designing websites. If you can write a letter on your computer, you can become a web designer with the WebStarts Designer Platform.

The WebStarts Designer Platform is a web-based application. That means there's no software to install on your computer. With the WebStarts Designer Platform you can create and maintain websites by logging into your account from any computer with internet access. Because WebStarts is web-based you don't need to hassle with FTP access, server configurations, or uploading and downloading of files each time you want to update a website.

The WebStarts Designer Platform includes everything you need to build your own website and build websites for your clients. With the WebStarts Designer Platform you can charge your clients whatever you like. You can give your clients access to make changes to their own website, or make changes for them.

The WebStarts Designer Platform let's you upload your own logo. Your clients will never see WebStarts branding with the WebStarts Designer Platform. So you're always building your brand and not ours.

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