Getting Started With The WebStarts Designer Platform

The WebStarts Designer Platform™ is everything you need to start your own web design agency. It allows you to leverage the features of WebStarts to create and maintain websites for your clients. The WebStarts Designer Platform™ is perfect for anyone needs to create and manage several websites.

To get started with the Designer Platform™ login to your WebStarts account. Next, click the dropdown arrow in the top right next to your profile pic. Click on Designer Platform. The first time you enter the Designer Platform you'll be for your business name, phone, number, and be provided the opportunity to upload your logo.

Each website built in the Designer Platform must first have a client. Click the button labeled Add New Client. Enter the client name, email address, a title for their website, and password. Your first client will be listed under the Clients tab.

Click the vertical ellipsis to right of your client and select Edit Site to access the Dashboard for the Designer Client site. On the Designer Client Dashboard you'll find all the site wide settings, apps, and features. To begin editing the pages of your client site click the Edit Site button. This will open up the page editor where you can drag and drop your way to creating a beautiful website.

Lets take a look at some of the other features of the Designer Platform. One of the most valuable features of the Designer Platform is the ability to save a website you've created as a template so don't have to start from scratch the next time you build a site.

To create a template, click on the Template tab, then click Build A Template. Next give you template a title, select the site you would like to copy as a template from the dropdown menu, and select whether you want to the template to be Public. A public template is one that's available for others to use in the WebStarts Designer community. When you're all set click the button labeled "Create". Your template is created and can now be selected when changing a template or selecting a template while creating a new client under the My Templates tab while on the template selection page.

In the Designer Platform you can connect domain names to the sites you built as well as register new domains under the Domains tab. You can create corresponding email boxes to go with your domains, those are managed under the Emails tab.

Under the Settings tab you'll find a place to update business name, logo, phone number, and a few other options. Here you can also designate a unique URL where clients will go to login and make changes to their website, if you wish to provide them that access.

Finally, to exit the Designer Platform click the drop down arrow to the right of your profile pic and click My Dashboard. That will return you to the primary website in your regular WebStarts account.