Laying Out Your Page

Deleting Elements

When you're working with a design there will be times where you'd like to remove elements from your page. There are two ways you can remove an object from your page while in the page editor. The first way is to select an object and then click the red x icon attached to the object. The second way is to select the object and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Arranging Elements by Layer

It's important to remember all elements in the editor are arranged by layer. That means elements can be stacked on top of each other. You can bring elements one layer forward at a time or all the way to the front. You can also send elements one layer back or all the way to the back. To do this select an object and then click on the appropriate icon attached to that object.

Moving Elements in a Straight Line

There are two ways you can move elements in the editor view. With an object selected, left click and drag any object exactly where you'd like it to appear. Alternatively you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Pressing the arrow key will move an object one pixel at a time in the direction of the arrow. You can move Elements ten pixels at a time using the same method by pressing and holding the shift key + the arrow key.

Using Guidelines

Guidelines let you know the boundaries of your page. You can choose whether to display guidelines by clicking View > Guidelines while in the editor. If guidelines are disabled you'll see a check next to guidelines in the drop down menu and the guidelines will be displayed on your page.

Using Snap to Grid

Snap to grid helps align elements in relation to each other. When an object detects it's aligned with another object a pink line will be displayed to show the correlation horizontally and vertically. You can enable or disable snap to grid by clicking on View > Snap To Grid on the toolbar.

Adjusting Padding

Sometimes you'll want there to be some space between a border and and the contents of your text box. In these instances you'll want to adjust the padding. You can adjuct the padding between your text box contents and the object border by selecting the text box, clicking on the padding icon, and sliding the ruler to the left to reduce the padding and to the right to increase it.

Adjusting Transparency

One way to add a little flare to your design is to create semi-transparent elements. To make an object semi-transparent select it, click on the transparency icon attached to the object, and use the slider to increase or decrease the transparency.

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