Sharing Your Blog On Facebook Or Twitter

You can easily share a blog post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as shown below...

  1. Open your live website in a web browser and navigate to your Blog page.
  2. Click to open the post you wish to share on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the post and locate the icons for Facebook and Twitter, clicking the icon for which you wish to share the post on.

    Note: You will need to make sure and login to your Facebook or Twitter accounts to continue.
    1. For Facebook, review the post, choose how you wish to share it using the drop down provided and even add your own comments if you like. Once done, click Post to Facebook to share the post on your wall.
    2. For Twittter, review the Tweet and edit as needed, making sure to stay under the 140 character limit. Once done, click the Tweet button to share the post on Twitter.