How To Back Up A Client Website

If you are apprehensive at all about giving control of a website over to one of your clients, then backing that site up before doing so is a must and we provide an easy way to do so using the WebStarts Designer Platform Template Feature.

Follow the steps below to create a Backup of a client's website that can later be used to restore that site to a previous state...

1. Login to your Designer Platform and then click the Templates tab located at the top of the page.

2. Click on the Build A Template button.

3. Enter the title of your site back up in the Template Title field, making sure to choose a name that will be easily identifiable when you use it to restore your site.

4. Choose the site to make a copy of using the Site to Copy drop down provided.

5. Make sure that the Public Template drop down is set to No. This is just a backup of your client's site and you will not want this to be available to other designers.

6. While not entirely relevant to this specific use case, you will want to select a category from the Categories drop down and then click Create.

Note: The time it takes to generate this template/backup is entirely dependent on the size of the site it is replicating. Don't be too surprised if it takes a few moments to process as it is completely normal due to the work being completed in the back end.

Now that you have created a backup of the site, you will be able to use this backup to restore it to this same state, should anything happen to the site in the future. To do so, simply click Change Design for that site, choose My Templates from the Template Group drop down and then Select your backup from the list of site thumbnails provided.