Using the WebStarts Search Engine Optimization Wizard

WebStarts has a built in Search Engine Optimization wizard for optimizing your website for the search engines. Our SEO Wizard makes it easy to get the best search engine rankings possible. Check out the video and steps provided below to see how...

  1. Log into your WebStarts account and click to Edit your Website
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to optimize and click the Add+ tab located in the sidebar, followed by SEO Wizard to open the Search Engine Optimization Wizard
    1. Enter up to 10 Keywords and keyword phrases and then click Continue 
    2. Write a small but thorough Description of what your site is about, making sure to use the keywords and phrases entered prior in natural language, and then click Continue
    3. Edit or confirm the Page Title you are working on and then click Continue

Be sure to save your page after running through the SEO Wizard to save the changes. Also, take this time to run through each of the other pages of your site, making sure to add the requested information in a relevant manner to what that page is about.