Creating Templates

Creating templates saves you the time and effort of creating websites from scratch. By saving frequently used website layouts and designs as templates you're able to quickly and easily deploy them for new clients.

To create a template click on the Templates tab while logged into your designer account. Next, click the button labeled "Build A Template". Give your template a title and then choose which design you'd like to save as a template by choosing it from the drop down menu labeled "Site to Copy".

Choose whether you'd like your template to be public. Public templates are shared with the designer community and are a great way to gain notoriety as a web designer. Finally, choose the categories associated with your template and click the button labeled "Create". After a few moments the selected site will become a template you can use over and over again without having the start from scratch.

Now that you've changed a site design into a template you'll be able to select it when setting up a new client or when choosing to change the design in an existing client account.