How To Set Up Tiered Shipping With The Store

If you need a more customized shipping solution, you can use the custom Tiered Shipping option within the Store. 

Take a look at the steps below set up tired shipping options...

  1. From your Store manager, click the Settings Tab.
  2. From the Shipping Option drop down, choose Custom and then click the Add Custom Option link
  3. Choose the appropriate Shipping Basis from the drop down. You can choose to charge shipping based on total Price, Weight, or Quantity.
  4. Choose the number of Increments you want to charge. The different increments allows you to charge a different rate based off of the Shipping Basis chosen.
  5. Enter the amount you will charge for each increment chosen up to the total price, weight or quantity entered for said increment and then click Submit.

Now that your shipping options have been created, be sure to test it out by adding various products in to a cart on your site and making sure that the prices charges match the options that you chose when creating them.

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