How To Set Up Free Shipping For Your Store

Take a look at the video and steps below for help setting up a Free Shipping option with your Store...

  1. From your Store dashboard, click the Settings Tab, followed by the Shipping link.
  2. From the Calculation Method drop down, choose Custom followed by Save.
  3. In the Option Name field, name this particular option Free or Free Shipping, to denote that the option is a free one.
  4. Choose the appropriate Shipping Basis from the drop down, followed by the number of increments. The different increments allows you to charge a different rate based off of the Shipping Basis chosen.
  5. Click Next and then set up the increments. Enter the amount you will charge for each increment chosen up to the total price, weight or quantity entered for said increment and then click Save.
  6. Create a new product, making sure to choose to collect shipping when you do and it will charge $0 so long as the criteria created in the previous steps is met.

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