How To Setup WePay With Your Store

When you create a new Store you’re automatically prompted to begin receiving payments with WePay. To ensure you get your withdraws you must first link a bank account and verify your personal information. You can do that by following these steps.

1. Enter your store name and a brief description of the products you wish to sell. Be sure to check the box  indicating you’d like to accept credit card payments from your website using WePay. Click the continue button.

2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the button in the email sent from WePay.

3. After you’ve clicked on the button you’ll be taken to the WePay website where you’ll be required to enter a password. Enter a password and login to your newly created WePay account.

4. Confirm your identity and link your bank account by following the prompts upon logging into your WePay account.

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