How To Use the Autoresponder in Your WebStarts Store

The WebStarts Store includes a full email marketing suite. The autoresponder is a great tool that helps you market to your customers and it is very simple to setup and utilize. Use the following instructions to setup your autoresponder:

Step 1: Log into your WebStarts Store and click the “Email Marketing” tab, then click “Autoresponder”.

Step 2: Choose which list you would like to have the autoresponder and click the name.

Step 3: Click “Add New” to add a new autoresponder email message. Type this like a regular email and feel free to use the variables to make the message personal to each customer. The delay option allows you to schedule emails to be sent after a number of days. Click Next to Review, then Save to finish.

Step 4: Create a subscribe form or sell products to add customers to your email list. As soon as they are added to your list, they will begin receiving autoresponse emails.

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